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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Card Says ....

I just visited Shelly's blog and took a test she posted. I'm sharing my result here.

You are The Hierophant

Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching.

All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel.

The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's A Party!!!

A dear sister decided to throw an advance birthday party last friday night at our fave korean restaurant. The place was full so we had to wait a while before our big group was seated. Food was overflowing and the company was great and soju kept our spirits high.

While we waited for the latecomers to finish their meal, some of us headed to a nearby korean store to buy some instant noodles and ice cream which the younger group ate while chilling outside the restaurant.

It was still early so we headed to Tiendesitas for coffee and more talk. Hiroko's driver was fast so our group (Rizza, Pau, Hiroko and I) has to wait for about 15 minutes before the cars driven by Janice and Charity arrived. The band that night was very good and they had us grooving to their music. It's been more than a year since we frequent that place but it was the first time that we had an uncontrollable urge to dance. Was there something in the coffee or the soju we had earlier??? Shortly before midnight we (Rizza, Tita Remy, Janice, Lou, Pau, Cha and I) found ourselves infront of the stage jampacked with people dancing. It was hot and sticky but we had no care as we partied the night away.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tong Yang Restaurant

I thought I was just having rice topped with egg and some cured meat for dinner last night but an angel drove and her car and parked in front of my fave shabu-shabu restaurant, Tong Yang along Jupiter St. in Makati. Shoot there goes the weight I lost the other day...

We started off with tuna sashimi, very fresh and high grade. Then after choosing two types of broth we started picking the ingredients that we want ~ crabs, shrimps in all sizes, fish and shellfish, tofu, dimsum and all the vegetables that will go nicely in a soup.

And if that's not enough they also have a wide selection of meet and poultry for barbeque.

For desserts, they have fruits, sherbets and ice cream. It was truly a gastronomic feast, the only thing that bothered me was their music. We stayed almost two hours and endured listening to Piolo Pascual's album over and over again. We were really tempted to get some cd from Charity's car so we can have a breather.

On the way home we passed by Metrowalk, watched a cute guy ride an electronic bull ~ no he did not embarrassed himself by falling then checked out the arcade and saw a karaoke machine. Too bad they were about to close so we only got to sing 2 songs each before calling it a night. But we are already making plans of going back and singing to our hearts content, hehehe.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chilling It Out In Tagaytay

I'm usually just home on a weekend but what was initially an invite for lunch in Tiendesitas turned into a daytrip to Tagaytay about 60 km. from Manila and is best known as the second summer capital of the country for it's crisp and cool climate all year round.

We arrived in Tagaytay shortly before lunch and decided to have lunch at Viewpoint. The fare was simple but the company and the conversations that we shared are simply the best. While waiting for our food to be served we took turns having our pictures taken, you should be aware by now that we are never camera shy. We stayed for another hour just to relax and enjoy the view.

Viewpoint has outdoor huts for customers to dine while enjoying the view
Taal Volcano from a distance
Just before leaving Viewpoint

Then it was off to Calaruega Church, one of the most popular wedding churches in our country. I've heard about it from Charity and Lai but I've never been to the place.

The reception hall situated near the entrance
flowers abound as you we make our way to the church

The facade and interior of the church

No wonder these two ladies dreamed of having their wedding there. The church and it's surrounding invoke a fairytale ambiance that every bride dreams of.

All those walking made us hungry again so we found ourselves at Taal Vista Hotel's Cafe on the Ridge. Last minute preparations were being made for a wedding reception near the viewing deck and it served as our visual entertainment while feasting on huge serving of spaghetti bolognese, seafood pasta and clubhouse sandwich.

We then proceeded to the viewing deck to have our photos taken. We had fun teasing Charity who was busy emoting for the camera, and according to her the people around us were having fun watching us. Not yet ready to call it a day, we lounged around the pool area, had more photos taken and just enjoyed our surroundings.

We left just after sunset, tired from all the walking but happy nonetheless because we managed to unwind before starting another busy week.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine Movie Marathon

My V-day celebration started two days ago (13th) when Charity and I decided to watch the last screening of The Holiday at Greenbelt 3. We have seen the trailer a few months back and almost forgot about it, luckily we passed by the same place a few hours before and saw that it was still showing so we made a date to meet later that evening.

If you just want to be entertained for a few hours then the movie is worth your time. It helps that the two woman portrayed in the movie are both in their 30's so we can relate. The plot is simple enough, they both needed a break from their lives and upon searching the internet Amanda (Cameron) from L.A. found a vacation home exchange site and decided there and then to exchange houses with Iris (Kate) from Surrey in London. The movie's timeline is just two weeks and in that span of time they both managed to make some sense of their problems and fall in love. Charity and I kept gushing on how good Jude Law appears on the screen. Jack Black was also witty without overacting. It was officially Valentine's Day when we left the movie house at 1:00am.

The rest of the day was just like any other day. I heard mass during my lunch break and then met Charity and Pau after work. Dinner was burger and fries from Hungry Hippo, the food was highly recommended by Charity because she usually dines there when she was still staying in Batangas City.
And for dessert we had Mango Bravo from Conti's Bakeshop. A side story on the cake, Cha waited a good hour and a half just to get her hands on that cake. Apparently it's a best seller and yesterday being Valentine's there were more people making their way to their place to give the cake as a gift. As you can see on the photo it was big, I still have some left at home.

Before and after shots of the Mango Bravo

Our original plan was to watch The Curse of the Golden Flower but when I searched the net on the screening time and movie houses that still screens it here in Makati it was no longer available so we opted to watch Music and Lyrics instead. With just a few minutes to spare before the movie starts we rushed to Greenbelt 3 but almost all the seats were taken the few left are miles apart so we decided to check Greenbelt 1 instead. Good thing we managed to get seated together before the movie started.

For those who lived through the 80's you will find the movie very entertaining cause you just can't help but think of the good old days. We think we were the only ones laughing like crazy when the first scene showed Hugh Grant's character singing and acting in a music video that has all the vibes of the 80's british boyband videos ~ tight pants, glittery belts and weird hairdo's. Check the video yourself...

He's a former singer of an 80's boybond Pop but lost his career when his partner suddenly went solo. He's given another chance to revive his career when he was asked to compose a song for Cora the new music icon that looks like a hybrid of Madonna, Britney and Christina. He was only given 36 hours to do the song but with the help of Drew Barrymore they managed to do it. I won't say more so as not to spoil it for others but we went home still singing a few lines from the movie and promised ourselves to buy a dvd so we can watch it again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surviving Valentine's Day

Just a few hours more and it's the dreaded time of the year, at least for unattached male or female out there. Yes, it's that time when that cute cherub makes an appearance everywhere your eyes may lay upon. From those hallmark cards in bookstores, to those decorations in malls and restaurants that you frequent. It's enevitable, Valentine's Day is here whether we like it or not. Not that I'm sourgraping but ever since I can remember I'm not too fond of Valentine's. In fact I don't recall ever agreeing on a date that falls on the red day itself. I'd rather have dinner or movies with my girlfriends that join the throngs of lovers holding hands and having a romantic dinner with candlelights. I'd rather go out with a significant other before or after the 14th. So how to I plan to co-exist with those lovers doing their thing tomorrow? The same as the years gone by, having dinner with friends or we may even sing our hearts out at a karaoke joint. Or for others out there why not have a party at home with your friends and do a movie marathon while pigging on junk food and all the alcoholic beverages you can imagine. It's just one day after all, it will soon pass.

The Art of Writing Letters

With a cough and a headache still throbbing, it was a blessing to just go home early and just lounge around the house. The problem was there's nothing really interesting to watch, I don't follow the local dramas being aired nor do I take notice of game shows so I decided to organize my closet instead. Stuck at the back of my overflowing dresser is a bag full old letters that I received through the years...cards written by my best friend in grade school. Letters and cards from suitors during high school and college, my friends and office mates, and those from the men in my life. It was a treasure box full of memories.

I started going through each and every letter in that bag. From their thoughtful holiday greetings to warm greetings on the birthday. There are letters that updates me on what's happening in their lives beautifully written on stationery's to short notes to comfort me when they know that I'm feeling down.

And of course those love letters that guys give to you to confess their feelings. I had to smile when I imagine how much effort it took for some of them to write what they want to say because they are not comfortable in expressing their thoughts in writing and committing them on paper.

Sadly our modern world riddled with text messages, email and online cards make the art of handwritten letters sealed in an envelope a lost art. I know I'm also guilty of making an excuse that I don't have the time and that emails are faster anyway. But looking through each and every handwritten letters that I have last night is inspiring me to pick up my pen and just write a note to my family and friends after all Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy, busy weekend

We had another successful fun meet for Rain last Saturday but that story belongs to my other blog, what happens before that and after deserves a space here. Let me recall what my weekend was like...ok we checked in some of our things at the venue last Friday night before having dinner at San Juanito's Panciteria because Pau is craving for pansit (stir fried noodles). You have to pass by their bakeshop before entering the dining hall and their no bake freezer cakes looked so delicious we decided to sample them for dessert. Their oatmeal cookies were to my liking too, crisp and thin yummy! We finalized our plans for the following day over coffee before heading to our respective homes.

I hit the supermarket before 9:00 am to get the ingredients for spaghetti that I volunteered to prepare. Then my mom helped me to prep the ingredients so I can be done cooking before 2:00pm. Good thing Kharen came over to our house so I have help in transporting the food to the venue, 4 kilos of pasta and and 2 overnite bags are just too much for me to handle alone.

The started serving food by 4:30 in the afternoon and after an hour we had the program proper that ended after 2 hours. Then it was time to chill out and enjoy the rest of the night. Alternating between two units I chatted with members who were staying for the night because they are from far-away places. One even flew in from Davao bearing with sweet lanzones and durian tarts and candies as gifts. We also have 3 bottles of red wine to share amongst us to loosen up the mood and late into the night our japanese sister Hiroko came back and bought half a dozen San Miguel Super Dry beer which we chilled in the freezer for a good 30 minutes before drinking. The beer made me so relaxed I was one of the first who called it a night at one in the morning, Rizza, Chie and Pau were last at five in the morning.

We stayed until late in the afternoon yesterday as we were still exchanging stories and making plans for the next event. Then it's back home for everyone, till next event...

Not Feeling Well

I'm having an asthma attack since this morning maybe from the dust that gathered on the tube where I kept my collection of posters. I knew I should have worn a mask but I was too lazy and I just wanted to keep the new poster of Rain that I have won during last Saturday's event. I will be back soon to post once I feel better.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Night of Good Music...Freestyle

I went with a friend to a hospital somewhere in San Juan before heading to Tiendesitas to unwind and I was happy to see that one of my fave local band will be performing that night, Freestyle. Though Top was no longer around as their male lead vocal Jinky made up for it with her impeccable vocals. It was nice to listen to them singing familiar tunes that we can sing along with. Jinky belted out one of my fave songs "One Hello". Their new male vocalist was also good and he knows how to get on with the crowd. I hope they can come out with a new album soon. And here's one of their songs for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yeah, It's Dinner Talk Again

I can almost see the reaction on my fave uncle's face when he reads this entry...food again!!!

Last night, Charity invited me to have dinner with her, Chris her sister and Ryan her nephew who will be leaving tomorrow for Toronto after spending the holidays here. I was reluctant at first but I'm glad I chose to join them. Food was korean, same place same menu but we had fun exchanging stories. Ryan was as kind as the two sisters and I felt right at home. We had coffee at our usual place and had peach mango and durian ice cream for dessert. I only ate the mango because I'm not a fan of durian though I was told countless times that it's delicious.

Have a safe trip to Ryan, see you in 3 years? Hopefully by then your dear aunts will be happily married.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Scattered Thoughts #5

I'm so loving the cool weather that we have now. The crisp wind that envelopes me when I go out at dawn to buy bread at a nearby store. The icy cool water coming out of the shower that wakens every nerve ending of my body. The gentle breeze that accompanies my walk during lunch break and early in the evening while walking home. How I wish it will go on forever...

Hurray girl power prevailed at the 1st season of the Amazing Race Asia with Zabrina and Joe Jer winning the race.

Too bad I wasn't able to concentrate in watching how they did it cuz I was busy talking on the phone with R, my ex-boyfriend turned good friend. It's one of those rare "I missed hearing your voice so let's chat" kind of call. So for exactly an hour we updated ourselves with what's happening with our lives, our family and friends. I still bug him on his long awaited marriage to his long time partner because I've been hearing about the plans for more than a year now but it's yet to happen. His disbelief that I'm not dating anyone...he knows just how good I am as a girlfriend and how full my date book was before. And our never ending discussion on betrayed who when we were still partners. But honestly I'm happy that we managed to keep our friendship intact 14 years after we ended our relationship as lovers.

I just had fries from KFC for lunch today. I've been craving for it since yesterday when Lai and I were talking about food. I'll be meeting my friends tonight to discuss the event we'll be hosting next Saturday. I don't know where we'll be headed for dinner after but I'm sure what we are having for dessert, chocolates from two of our favorite friends in the states.

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