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Friday, April 27, 2007

Idol Gives Back

That was the theme of last nights AI show and what I show it was. Not only were they able to raise more than 60 million US dollars for charity, they were successful in giving us a night of good entertainment.

I had a blast laughing when Eric McCormack urged those who voted of Sanjaya to donate because they are a force to reckon with in keeping him alive for weeks. Good thing the boy took in all in stride enjoying everything from his seat in the audience. And Jack Black was a riot when he asked to judges to give him an honest critique on his singing. I knew Simon will take say what he did.

I was surprised at Kelly Clarkson's weight gain considering she's endorsing a water energy drink that helps her keep fit. Carrey Underwood made me tear up with her pre-taped performance and Josh Groban never fails to mesmerize me with his voice. Celene and "Elvis" duet had me wondering if it was just an impersonator or Elvis himself on CGI.

The most touching part for me were those scenes they showed of orphaned kids in Africa living on their own. They are so young but the hardships of life robbed them of their childhood. I just hope that the money they were able to collect last night will make a difference in their lives.

photo credit: i.usatoday.net


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