I'm Single and I'm Happy

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Of Friends and Lovers

They say that the core of true friendship--a deep and resounding commitment to love someone unconditionally--could lay the groundwork for a lasting relationship. Nurturing a relationship to the next level is easier since familiarity is already given. But what if the relationship fails? Can we be friends with our lovers.....

Blame my Oprah moment on a drama series I watched last night. There was a scene where one of the actors asked if it's really possible for ex-lovers to be friends. There is no textbook answer to this one and I know majority will say no and with logical explanations on why it can never be possible. But there are those who like me and R, managed to stay as good friends after a difficult break-up. Of course we kept our distance for a while to heal our wounds but we have been part of each others lives for a long time that it's a waste to throw everything away.

It's nice to have someone I can count on to give me a straight forward answers when I need a man's perspective on certain matters. He is frank enough to say if I'm being stubborn and irrational and kind enough to listen and comfort me when I'm really down. I know he also feels the same way and is one with me in wishing we can always remain as friends.

One thing I learned is that there is no forever no matter how hard we wish for it. We all have to appreciate and cherish what we have NOW for we can never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sleep Deprived

I had a blast last friday night with 5 girlfriends having dinner at our fave korean resto (Min Sok along Don Pedro, Makati) then off to Starbucks in Rockwell for coffee and dessert. They are such fun to be with that it was hard to say good-bye even if it already two in the morning. They begged and begged for me to join them at a nearby karaoke bar but sorry girls I have a busy sched lined up for Sat. So with just 3 hours of sleep I was up and running again to see another set of friends and do some shopping in the afternoon. I saw some korean movies at a mall and ended up buying 7 dvds that caused me two more sleepless nights.

So here I am at the office trying my best not to succumb to the temptation of going inside the file room and close my eyes for an hour. Coffee, coffee, more black coffee........

Friday, January 27, 2006

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I've started drinking black coffee at age 10. I just love the smell of brewed coffee early in the morning and I can really be cranky if for some reason I could not have a cup before going to work.
  2. My ambition when I was young in chronological order - to be a teacher, a scientist, a nun, a flight stewardess, a journalist doing field work in war zones around the world, a psychiatrist but ended up going to business school instead.
  3. I grew up being daddy's fave girl. Can't remember any major event during my growing up years that he missed. He's the most influential person in my life and I miss him very much.
  4. I was never into sports except volleyball during high school but I love watching boxing, basketball and 9 ball billiards.
  5. I was so into photography that I almost had a nude photo taken. I even participated in conceptualizing the whole look, from the pose, play of shadows and the finish. But (un)fortunately the city was hit by a black-out when we were about to go through with the pictorial (the studio has no generator). We waited it out for about 30 mins because I already had my hair and make-up done but we ended cancelling it and I never gathered enough courage to do it again.
  6. I use to have a very active third eye but I had a priest perform a ritual to close it.
  7. I love to cook and the most I did was during my sisters wedding, 5 dishes for 60 people and the best compliment for any cook? No left-overs with people still coming back asking if there's more.
  8. No matter how tired I am during the day, I cannot sleep early and I always wake-up before dawn.
  9. I still have my first notebook in school, some of my report cards and letters and cards given by friends from my grade school up to this time.
  10. That I turned down a chance to migrate to Australia because I still believe that there's no other place like home.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Having a Good Laugh

It's not a sitcom but since it's return to the boob tube a week ago, the show has illicited a lot of laughs from me. What am I talking about? It's American Idol Season 5. I just love watching the auditions where you can see some of the weirdest things Americans will do just to get attention for themselves. I'm sure they are very much aware that they can't carry a tune but they want the exposure anyway.

Seems everyone wants to be the next William Hung who found instant success while singing She Bangs off key. Tonight the judges are off to San Francisco, can't wait to go home and see what the city has to offer.

Why The Title

I've been told countless times by family and friends that "Your still young why don't you get married?" As if it's a waste of one's life if you are single at my age (I'm in my 30's). Sorry people, I've been there, done that and now I'm enjoying my freedom thank you very much!

Some people cannot imagine life without someone special in their life but there are people like me who finds contentment in the way our life is going at the moment. Life is too short so instead of looking for my Romeo I'd rather live appreciating what I have now, who knows maybe I'll bump into him along the way but for now, I'm single and enjoying every second of it....

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