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Friday, April 27, 2007

Idol Gives Back

That was the theme of last nights AI show and what I show it was. Not only were they able to raise more than 60 million US dollars for charity, they were successful in giving us a night of good entertainment.

I had a blast laughing when Eric McCormack urged those who voted of Sanjaya to donate because they are a force to reckon with in keeping him alive for weeks. Good thing the boy took in all in stride enjoying everything from his seat in the audience. And Jack Black was a riot when he asked to judges to give him an honest critique on his singing. I knew Simon will take say what he did.

I was surprised at Kelly Clarkson's weight gain considering she's endorsing a water energy drink that helps her keep fit. Carrey Underwood made me tear up with her pre-taped performance and Josh Groban never fails to mesmerize me with his voice. Celene and "Elvis" duet had me wondering if it was just an impersonator or Elvis himself on CGI.

The most touching part for me were those scenes they showed of orphaned kids in Africa living on their own. They are so young but the hardships of life robbed them of their childhood. I just hope that the money they were able to collect last night will make a difference in their lives.

photo credit: i.usatoday.net

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adobo Went Wrong

Cha, Lai and I met for dinner the other day just to unwind after having a stressful day. We all wanted rice and upon further discussion we decided to have pork barbeque to go with it. I reminded Cha about the place near her office but because we took a wrong turn somewhere along Washington we ended up at a restaurant that specializes in adobo, or so they claim. It was an easy choice for me, I had their "adobo diablo" a spicy pork adobo while Lai had "adobo sa gata" which later turned out to be a copycat of chicken curry. It was Cha, our resident cook and master chef of adobo who was having a hard time deciding on what to have. Finally she ordered the only non-adobo meat dish in the list ~ pork barbeque.

Verdict? We are not returning to sample their other abodo versions that's for sure. The food was too salty and even their dalandan juice and cold green tea tasted like medicine. The only thing that made our day was the ice cream stick we had after. Just your regular ice drop that we use to enjoy as kids. I had a mango with big chunks of sweet ripe mangoes; Cha had a buko (young coconut) ice drop with red mongo on top of the stick. I forgot to ask Lai if her avocado stick was good. Now these I can have everyday for the rest of the summer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I'm Not Blogging

Some of you may be wondering what's up with me cause I've been quiet for a while now. It's the heat!!! I know I already mentioned that summer is not my fave season so yeah I'm feeling gloomy for a while now. Just getting ready to go out drains me of energy and the thought that I'll be walking for 10 minutes just to get a ride while the temperature is at 36C is enough to make me feel down. Now the weather bureau is telling us to expect May to be hotter than what we are experiencing now.

Makes me wish I can to Tagaytay every night and just enjoy the cool breeze of our country's summer capital but it's a two hour drive from the city with heavy traffic along the way. Or indulge in a tub of ice cream everyday without getting fat but tha's just wishful thinking.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bye Sanjaya!

Yesterday, Sanjaya Malakar said his farewell to the show that made him a household name not just in America but all over the world, or at least parts of the world that broadcast American Idol.

Sure he was never my favorite contestant but he has that charm that makes you look forward to what will he do next. Too bad that he has missed out on the disco theme, I would have loved to see him belt out a fast number. Oh well I'm sure we are bound to see more of the guy in other shows.

Bye Sanjaya and thanks for making us happy with your brand of entertainment.

Photo credits: usatoday.net

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Warmest Easter Greetings

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scattered Thoughts #7

It's really hard to move around nowadays because of the scorching heat. Summer is definitely here to torture me. How I wish I can afford to have a long vacation somewhere colder but I have to make do with an electric fan.

I like hearing mass in the morning before I do any household chores. I tend to feel tired and more likely to skip mass if I do it in the afternoon or evening. But since I've been having a hard time sleeping last the past two nights I woke up just shortly before 8:00 am, too late for the church service near our place. I ended up going to the church in Guadalupe a short ride away from our place where the mass was scheduled 30 minutes later. Being Palm Sunday there are more people attending the service. It was already 10:00 when I headed home and it was a torture to walk home even with an umbrella. But one thing I noticed was the lack of people doing the "pabasa" or the Passion of Christ usually sung in age old melodies by people in makeshift chapels. In our area they usually start it on a Palm Sunday and end on Good Friday. Is it one of those old traditions that is slowly dying because to the ever changing times?
Yesterday was the birthday of one of the most important man in my life. Happy birthday Dad, I hope you are in peace.

Creepy, creepy Friday

I'm a believer in the presence of unseen spirits co-existing with us. I have "seen" a few and I can sense their presence on certain occasions. So I'm one of those people who are not scared easily of horror movies or when scary stories are exchanged between friends. But last friday was an exemption...

I'm a light sleeper so noises from outside can wake me up in an instant. I felt something move in our room so when I opened my eyes I was surprised to see what I assumed was my nephew, having the same height, hair cut and shirt. His back was turned to me and was facing my dresser but was just standing still. I was about to stand and ask what he was doing when I felt something was not right. Goosebumps appeared on my skin, and it suddenly dawned to me that that being isn't Lance but another being. I immediately turned by back and covered myself with a blanket never mind if it was hot. I also started praying the Lord's Prayer over and over again. But while I was at it, that being is doing it's best to catch my attention. I can hear him walking back and forth near the bed and when I refused to have another look "he" started to flip the pages of the book that I left at my bedside. It went on for about 15 minutes which felt like an eternity to me. I only felt him leave shortly before sunrise. It was only then did I stood up, opened the lights and checked on my mom but everyone else in our house are deep asleep. I was the only one up and awake. It was hard to get sleep after that so I just waited for everyone else to wake before going down and having breakfast.

It's been a few days since but thankfully I have not seen nor felt his presence again. I just hope it was just passing through and won't return to haunt us.

One Happy Mom

It's been more than a week since my last entry so let me get started with a good news. My daughter Mae finished 3rd in her year level (2nd year h.s.) last Thursday.

We were supposed to be at the venue by 8:00 am, we were just in time until we were stopped at the gate fronting the Philippine Army Officers Club the venue for their Recognition Day. The guard on duty told us that the entrance is close to traffic and that we should turn back and take the main gate a block away. Because we are running out of time my mom said that we should just pay the cab and just walk to the venue since we are already in front of the gate. Never did we thought that they won't allow even people to pass by, oh bummer! We ended up walking three blocks with the sun beating down our backs. Not my type of exercise that's for sure.

The awarding for both the elementary and high school students were combined so by the time that she was called it was already 11:00 am not that I'm complaining because it was worth the wait.
Suddenly all the hard work of making ends meet so she can have the best education was oh so worth it. If only I can scrape more to pay for another year, keeping my fingers crossed.

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