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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm Touched

To everyone who remembered my birthday last Friday...

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ms. Japan Is The New Ms. Universe!

I must admit that I'm a beauty contest junkie since I was a little girl. It's rare for me to miss a telecast of our local Bb. Pilipinas Pageant where the winners get to represent our country in 3 major international beauty contest ~ Ms. Universe, Ms. World and Ms. International.

It was more exciting to watch today since our country's representative happens to be the bestfriend of a fellow CloudPH member Malou. So it was a disappointment for me when she didn't land in the top 15 semi-finalist. She ended up winning a special award, Ms. Photogenic.

But since Ms. Korea, Japan and Thailand made it, it was still worth watching with the first two being my favorites. It was too bad that the question to Ms. Korea Honey Lee got lost in the translation and probably from the stress of being watched by millions of people worldwide. In the end it's Ms. Japan Riyo Mori who won the crown.

Just love her gown which was made by Gucci. The asian inspired cut suited her body type. Sure she was not as beautiful as last year's Ms. Japan but she has her own charm.

Well, we still have Ms. International and Miss World to look out for so there's still hope for beauty contest fanatics like me.

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Bye bye Time For My Fave Girl Melinda

Last nights AI elimination was a big shocker for me. I was really expecting my fave Melinda to be in the finals but the unforseen happened. Maybe Blake and Jordin's fan's voted like crazy to ensure either of the two to be in the finals and all those votes totalled more than those in favor of the most consistent singer and the best in the bunch.

Now I lost my excitement in watching the finals...good thing Sanjaya will make an appearance of I would totally miss out on it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scattered Thoughts #8

I've been planning to go out and exercise my right to vote early yesterday morning to avoid the crowd at the polling place in the afternoon when the weather is at it's hottest but I don't know what got over me and ended up waking at nine in the morning. But later I found it to be a blessing in disguise becuase most of the voters in my area had the same plan and there was a huge line when the polling place opened at 7 a.m. I already prepared a list of who I think are worthy to be in the senate so it took me only 5 minutes to finish the entire exercise. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera today because I took a few photos, maybe I'll just update it tomorrow. And as the unofficial media results are coming in, I'm satisfied that 90% of my senatorial bets and 100% of my local bets are on top of the tabulations. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that no magic will be done at the canvassing in the municipal level and the nationwide tally for the senators.

I was able to watch Spiderman during it's first weekend run two weeks ago. I was a huge box-office hit here since ALL the cinemas in the city only screened that movie. We opted to watch at Glorietta 4 which has 8 movie houses, there was a very long line to get tickets which I expected since we arrived at 4 pm. The 6:00 to 7pm screening time were all booked so we waited until 8pm but it was worth it. I think it was the best out of the 3 installments so I'm sure another sequel will be in the works.

It was Mother's Day two days ago and the flower I got was from our church. Our parish priest gave flowers to all mothers who attended the service. My daughter gave me a hug and a kiss and Charity came over with ice cream and pansit for my mom, my sister and me (sweet of her).
I also received a lot of sms greetings from friends so to everyone who remembered thank you.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Reminder to Self...

Don't ever, ever, ever attempt to join the kids in swimming especially in a kiddie pool. Too much noise, too little space, not much challenge even for a non swimmer like me.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Idol Gives Back

That was the theme of last nights AI show and what I show it was. Not only were they able to raise more than 60 million US dollars for charity, they were successful in giving us a night of good entertainment.

I had a blast laughing when Eric McCormack urged those who voted of Sanjaya to donate because they are a force to reckon with in keeping him alive for weeks. Good thing the boy took in all in stride enjoying everything from his seat in the audience. And Jack Black was a riot when he asked to judges to give him an honest critique on his singing. I knew Simon will take say what he did.

I was surprised at Kelly Clarkson's weight gain considering she's endorsing a water energy drink that helps her keep fit. Carrey Underwood made me tear up with her pre-taped performance and Josh Groban never fails to mesmerize me with his voice. Celene and "Elvis" duet had me wondering if it was just an impersonator or Elvis himself on CGI.

The most touching part for me were those scenes they showed of orphaned kids in Africa living on their own. They are so young but the hardships of life robbed them of their childhood. I just hope that the money they were able to collect last night will make a difference in their lives.

photo credit: i.usatoday.net

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adobo Went Wrong

Cha, Lai and I met for dinner the other day just to unwind after having a stressful day. We all wanted rice and upon further discussion we decided to have pork barbeque to go with it. I reminded Cha about the place near her office but because we took a wrong turn somewhere along Washington we ended up at a restaurant that specializes in adobo, or so they claim. It was an easy choice for me, I had their "adobo diablo" a spicy pork adobo while Lai had "adobo sa gata" which later turned out to be a copycat of chicken curry. It was Cha, our resident cook and master chef of adobo who was having a hard time deciding on what to have. Finally she ordered the only non-adobo meat dish in the list ~ pork barbeque.

Verdict? We are not returning to sample their other abodo versions that's for sure. The food was too salty and even their dalandan juice and cold green tea tasted like medicine. The only thing that made our day was the ice cream stick we had after. Just your regular ice drop that we use to enjoy as kids. I had a mango with big chunks of sweet ripe mangoes; Cha had a buko (young coconut) ice drop with red mongo on top of the stick. I forgot to ask Lai if her avocado stick was good. Now these I can have everyday for the rest of the summer.

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