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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting Hooked!

I grew up watching basketball because it's a filipinos favorite sport. I'm part of our university pep squad during high school and even played the game in my college days. Second on my fave will have to be volleyball and then billiards. I'm one of those who stay awake late in the night just to watch finals of world championships. Now another game is added to my list... football.

I knew how the game works from a childhood friend whose part of his schools varsity, and I've watched some games of Brazil and Man U because of my daughter who roots for the said teams but I did not take it seriously until this years World Cup in Germany. Ok maybe since my fave k-stars have been campaigning for the active support for the Korean Red Devils that I made it a point to monitor the games.

My cable provider did not include this seasons live feed in their free service so if I want to watch the game I have to shell more money or I can watch it from select restaurants and bars. I chose the latter since its more enjoyable to watch a game with a crowd than alone in my home. So I made a date last night with some friends to watch Korea's first game vs. Togo.

At the National Sports Bar and Grill. The inside is already jampacked with Korean supporters wearing red shirts.

So we opted to wait for the live feed at the tables set-up outside al fresco style. They even added a projector screen and four televisions positioned at different angles so nobody will miss out on the action.

Even Alfred came along to watch the games and served as our mascot. Look he's wearing a red shirt too. And since we're having beer might as well give him some so he can get into the spirit.

Togo made the first goal for the game and it really dampened our spirits for a while, here is moi feeling sad doing a Samsoon pose. Maybe the Koreans are feeling the pressure after all the expections for them to win is very high. I can't even imagine them losing to a newbie team even if some of the players are from professional euro teams. Their defense is weak and one of their star players Park Ji Sung is well guarded. One of my fave player Ahn Jung Hwan was not fielded during the first half. Good thing Lee Chun Soo evened out the score 1-1 after a successful penalty kick which made us all jump from our seats giving each other high fives. Now we're in high spirits again.

Their coach Dick Advocaat must have heard our pleas because Ahn Jung Hwan was fielded during the second half and boy did he deliver. He made a stunning kick that sealed the game for them 2-1.
Junjin of Shinwa and some of the soccer kids from Shoot Dori cheering Dae Han Min Guk!!!

What a way to end the night for us, and it totally made up for my bad day at work and my slight hangover this morning. I hope they can win their next game against France on Sunday. Red Devils fighting!!!


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